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While the Federal Reserve Board and Reserve Banks share a common purpose and mission, and routinely interact and collaborate, by design, each institution is independent. This structure ensures regional interests are represented in national monetary policy decisions. As independent entities, there are variations in organizational structure, range of economic focal areas covered, and even job titles. For example, some Banks refer to the research assistant position as research associate or research analyst, but all perform the same basic role as research assistants. Take a closer look at our research assistant programs and consider joining the Fed’s team of talented researchers who make important policy contributions to the local, regional, and national economy.

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Recruiting for Research Analyst positions could occur at any time during the year when an open position becomes available (there is no defined recruiting cycle).

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We will begin accepting applications for full-time Research Assistant positions in the fall of 2019 for positions starting in the summer of 2020. Research Assistant positions require a two-year commitment. Applications for summer internships typically begin in the spring with positions starting in the May/June timeframe.

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Our Research Assistant recruiting cycle has begun and we are now accepting applications. The Chicago RA position is part of a 2-year program that starts midsummer. Click the link below to learn more and apply.

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We are currently recruiting college graduates to fill 6 Research Analyst (RA) positions in the Cleveland Office. Successful candidates will have a degree in economics, finance, statistics, mathematics, or computer science and a working knowledge of econometrics and/or statistics packages, such as Stata, Matlab, R, or Python. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the position(s) are filled, but applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by October 19, 2018. New RAs typically start in mid-summer and are projected to be in the role two to three years.

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Recruitment of Research Assistants begins in the fall for positions starting in the following spring/summer. RAs join a two-year program to learn the skills needed to continue on to a graduate program in economics.

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Kansas City

Our research associate recruiting cycle usually runs from October through March. We accept applications, conduct interviews, and extend offers throughout the cycle. New research associates typically start in June or July. We require a two year minimum commitment. We usually post for summer internships from January through March.

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Our research assistant recruiting process typically starts in the fall with a start date the following summer. The program is designed for RAs to spend two years at the Bank before moving on to graduate school.

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Now Hiring: Full-Time Research Analysts

New York

Each year, the New York Fed seeks roughly 20 exceptional college graduates with a strong background in economics, mathematics, and statistics to work as Research Analysts (RAs). Announcements about openings are posted in early Fall for two-year positions beginning the following summer. The New York Fed also offers a summer internship program for rising seniors, which serves as an additional pipeline into the RA program.

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Now Hiring: Full-Time Research Assistant


Our research assistant recruiting cycle begins in the fall. We accept applications on a rolling basis until our positions are filled. RA positions begin in the summer. Our RAs typically work for 2-3 years before leaving for graduate school. We do not cap the length of employment. Applications for summer internships generally begin during the first quarter with the position starting in the May/June timeframe.

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We start accepting applications for research assistant positions in December and extend offers on a rolling basis through March. RA positions are a two-year commitment.

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San Francisco

The San Francisco Fed hires Research Associates every year with strong backgrounds in economics, statistics, mathematics, and computer science. Openings are posted in the Fall for two-year positions starting the following Summer. We also hire summer interns on a similar schedule.

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St. Louis

The St. Louis Fed hires several Research Associates each year. We begin accepting applications for the following year in September, hold interviews in October and November, and extend offers on a rolling basis. Applications for summer internships follow a similar schedule.

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Now Hiring:Full-time Research Assistants

Board of Governors

We accept Research Assistant applications during two main recruitment cycles with the following deadlines; October 15 for the fall (interviews held October-November) and January 31 for the spring (interviews held February-April). Most RAs begin their two-year experience the following summer. Applications received after the deadlines are considered depending on position availability. We also hire summer research interns, with recruitment beginning in September.

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