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Portrait of Daniel Sexton

Daniel Sexton

Senior Economic Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


Barcelona Graduate School of Economics, Applied Economic Analysis

My favorite thing about working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is that every day I get to work with the best minds in the field on housing finance policy questions that try to understand and ultimately tame risks in the mortgage market. My daily work allows me to work and learn both independently and in groups, whether that means writing code for academic analysis, attending a seminar on a wide variety of topics in economics, or whiteboarding ways to explore an issue with colleagues.

Portrait of Keith Barnatchez

Keith Barnatchez

Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


Colby College: Economics-Mathematics, Statistics

The RA program provides you with an incredible learning environment that encourages you to develop your statistical/economic intuition and programming skills. Perhaps the most valuable resource is the opportunity to frequently interact and learn from economists and fellow RAs. I’ve constantly refined my approach towards solving analytical problems during my time at the Fed, much to the credit of the ideas I have picked up from these interactions.

Portrait of Meghana Bhaskar

Meghana Bhaskar

Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


The University of Texas at Austin, MA Economics

The RA program at the Fed is perfect for individuals interested in pursuing graduate studies in economics, finance or other related fields. Along with picking up programming skills as an RA, I have also started developing good economic intuition because of frequent, insightful discussions with my Economist. Being an RA at the Fed also gives me some time to take the math courses essential for successful PhD applications. Taking these courses at reputed Universities is financially viable because of the Fed’s amazing tuition reimbursement program. The almost academic environment here is further enriched by the opportunity to be fully involved in high-quality research work while having the invaluable mentorship of your Economist(s).

Portrait of Morgan Klaeser

Morgan Klaeser

Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Working as a Research Assistant at the Fed provides opportunities to expand my programming repertoire and pursue more training in mathematics. Being able to support several projects at a time helps me intuit various methodologies used across fields. Constant exposure to our economists and talking with other research assistants about their work fuels and guides my curiosity while shaping my research interests.

Portrait of Ali Haider Ismail

Ali Haider Ismail

Senior Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago


Rutgers University, Math, Economics

Working in the Chicago Fed's Research Department affords me the benefits of a serious academic environment and an institutional environment in one place. I gain the flexibility that is commonly expected in an academic environment but with the resources that an institution typically might have.

Portrait of Bezankeng Njinju

Bezankeng Njinju

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland


Rochester Institute of Technology: BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics

Working at the Cleveland Fed has given me substantial research exposure by allowing me to experience various stages of the research process. I have also been able to increase my human capital by taking more math courses and improved my coding skills. Being in this role has better prepared me for and reaffirmed my decision to pursue an economics PhD.

Portrait of Michael Morris

Michael Morris

Research Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas


University of Notre Dame: International Economics

Working as an RA has given me incredible insight into what life as a PhD economist looks like. I’ve developed necessary skills for grad school, as well as gained a deep understanding of what it takes to pursue research on a daily basis and how research ultimately can inform policy. I have been especially pleased with the opportunities to coauthor a variety of research projects, from papers to blogs, on topics ranging from emerging market bond yields to racial wage growth disparity in the U.S. The position is an incredibly rare opportunity to continue to focus on learning and skill development, while also providing valuable contributions in both policy and research.

Portrait of Becca Ruiz

Becca Ruiz

Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City


Northern Arizona University: Economics

As an RA, I am immersed in an intellectually challenging environment with resources that are invaluable in exploring my future career path. I’m grateful for the professional and personal development opportunities and support offered at the Fed.

Portrait of Dasom Ham

Dasom Ham

Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, BS in Economics

As a research assistant, working at Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis means opportunities. I have opportunities to learn and hone my technical skills through different assignments and bag lunch seminars. I am learning about new data sets and new programming software while preparing data for analysis or for presentations. When attending bag lunch seminars, I get a glimpse of cutting-edge research topics that I have not seen before. This experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis will be very valuable when I am pursuing Ph.D. degree in Economics.

Portrait of Christina Styer

Christina Styer

Senior Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Princeton University, Economics

I’ve contributed to a range of projects at the New York Fed, from estimating a demographically adjusted real wage growth rate to augmenting our forecasting models for GDP and international trade. Seeing how these models inform policy has been incredibly rewarding, and being involved in every stage of the research process has strengthened my programming and critical thinking skills. Through the Fed’s tuition reimbursement program, I was able to take a time-series econometrics course at Columbia to improve my data analysis skills.

Portrait of Shiv Viswanathan

Shiv Viswanathan

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Rutgers University, Economics/Mathematics

Over the past year, I’ve studied several features of the banking industry, assessing their implications for consumers’ access to credit and the overall health of the financial industry. I attribute much of my ability to handle such projects to my time in the Bank’s summer research analyst program—a huge stepping stone for me. The program not only improved my knowledge of computing environments, programming, and economic reasoning; it also introduced me to people who investigate the most urgent and important questions facing economists today.

Portrait of Catherine O'Donnell

Catherine O'Donnell

Senior Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


University of Pennsylvania, Economics

Being an RA is an incredibly enriching and formative experience, especially for someone who is considering a career in economic research. It gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself into the research process, and decide whether it's the path you ultimately want to pursue. Not only do you gain technical skills and knowledge from your day-to-day RA work, but you are also encouraged to learn about yourself and explore your own interests along the way. By working with economists, collaborating with fellow RAs, taking academic courses, and attending research seminars, there are countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Portrait of Jim Geary

Jim Geary

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


University of Missouri- Columbia: BS Economics

I knew this program would enable me to improve my programming skills, learn more about the research process, and gain exposure to fields I missed out on as an undergrad. What I didn’t necessarily expect was how much I would also learn from my peers. It’s been an invaluable experience to be a part of a cohort of people who are all interested in economics yet come to the table with such diverse perspectives.

Portrait of Luna Shen

Luna Shen

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


University of Chicago, BA Economics and Math

Working at a Fed is a unique opportunity in that you get to work with multiple economists simultaneously and the Fed explicitly works to serve the public. Not only am I constantly learning about data analytics and numerical methods through my work, but the research department is very open and supportive. I feel that the economists I work for are always available to answer questions and my fellow RAs are always willing to answer any questions I might have about SQL or Stata and they are also there for game nights, book clubs, and interesting lunch time conversations.

Portrait of Elliot Tobin

Elliot Tobin

Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


MIT, BS Economics and Boston College, MS Applied Economics

Working as a Research Assistant at the Federal Reserve allowed me to explore whether pursuing a PhD in economics is right for me. As a Research Assistant, I have developed data analysis skills by working on large and interesting datasets and learned more about the theoretical side of economics by talking with economists, writing papers and attending seminars. These experiences have deepened my knowledge of and passion for economics and finance.

Portrait of Asha Bharadwaj

Asha Bharadwaj

Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis


Working as an RA allows me to deepen my understanding of economics and hone my analytical thinking and programming skills while simultaneously providing me with opportunities to explore and understand the scope of economic research. Each day seems to teach me something new about the research process and it makes me appreciate the rigor of the economic way of thinking even more than I did before. I plan on pursuing graduate studies in economics in the near future and I am confident that the skills I learn during the course of my work here will be invaluable.

Portrait of Winnie Yee

Winnie Yee

Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


Simmons College, Economics and Public Policy

Working at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has been very helpful in preparation for a PhD in Economics. Not only have I been able to take classes but also learn about my interests in different fields of economics. The environment has provided me with different perspectives as well as advice from current and former RAs.

Portrait of Cassandra Duchan

Cassandra Duchan

Senior Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Board of Governors


University of Colorado, Boulder, Economics

The RA job has given me the experience, time, and resources to consider all of the opportunities available to me in the future. Through a combination of research, data analysis, and Diversity & Inclusion activities, I’ve learned my strengths and interests to choose the path meant for me. I’m excited to attend business school after my time as an RA and aspire eventually work for a Minority Depository Institution.